Bridging the Democracy Issue Divide


My team and I at Lake Research Partners, in partnership with The Democracy Initiative Education Fund and Demos, conducted public opinion research to equip progressive organizations with a narrative around democracy that speaks to their members and voters alike. This umbrella message unites voting rights, money in politics, and other issues under the idea of equal voice in our democracy. The project focused on the views of the diverse constituencies that comprise Democracy Initiative organizations including African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, youth, workers, environmentalists, and advocates. 

In providing this information to the larger community, the goal was to create an umbrella message that emphasizes the need for a balanced democracy where everyone has an equal voice. This work provides the basis for communicating with activists on these issues and ongoing work to ensure that others continue to use this message guidance. 

In addition to the full report, which can be found here, Rethink Media developed Moving Americans to Action: A Message Guide For Democracy Advocates that summarizes both our research work as well as research undertaken by the Topos Partnership.