Hi, I'm Matt McDermott. I am a Director at Whitman Insight Strategies

What does this mean? Basically, I conduct quantitative (polling) and qualitative (focus groups) opinion research on a range of topics for political candidates, issue advocacy organizations, and major corporations. 

This expertise in messaging strategy and targeting research has led to important victories in key political races and in several issue spaces related to public health, immigration, strengthening labor unions, civil rights and voting, democracy reform, and political engagement and participation.

The soundbite: I help organizations and campaigns develop and refine their message to more effectively communicate with their target audience.

I hold a BA in political science and geography from the George Washington University, and am a RIVA-trained moderator who has facilitated countless focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies among various audiences over the years. 

I also serve as a member of the LGBTQ Victory Fund Campaign Board. 

While I currently live in New York City, in recent years I have also shared my time between Washington, D.C., London, and Rhode Island.

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